Valeriya N-Georg
Photo by Ansell Cizic

I am an artist inspired from Neuroscience, Psychology and Consciousness studies, who work with a range of media: drawing, printmaking, mixed media, sculpture, installation, video and performance art. It largely depends on the project I am working on. Sometimes I use light, sometimes paper, sometimes the creation becomes 3D, depends on what I am trying to communicate with my art, the decision could be to use video and performance art. In my studio practise, I have developed experimental new techniques for making monotype prints, based on layered acrylic gel, presenting them on boards and light box installations. Sometimes I scan, collage and manipulate the image digitally to create large scale digital prints.

Digital printing opens a new world for me, giving me the freedom to create collages from many gel print scans of body parts and the cell, the smallest building block that provides structure for the human body. Just as cells can make copies of themselves, my large-scale digital collage is made from many copies of my gel monotype prints. Within cells, the cytoplasm is made up of a jelly-like fluid (called the cytosol), which reference the use of gel conceptually. Using a scanner to produce one image from another in another medium allows me to capture the immediacy and physical presence of the gel material. Continuing with digital manipulation, constructing the image via layering allows me to explore the interplay of printmaking processes, handmade or computer generated.