Valeriya N-Georg
Photo by Ansell Cizic

I am an artist inspired from Neuroscience, Psychology and Consciousness studies, who work with a range of media: drawing, printmaking, mixed media, sculpture, installation, video and performance art. It largely depends on the project I am working on. Sometimes I use pen and paper, sometimes the creation becomes 3D, sometimes the light becomes my creative tool. Everything depends on what I am trying to communicate with my art, the decision could be to use video or performance art.

I have developed experimental new techniques for making monotype prints, based on layered acrylic gel, presenting them on boards and light box installations. Also, I scan, collage and manipulate digitally to create large scale digital prints. My largest original artworks are 4 - 5 meters long. My original style and unique printmaking technique has been recognised by the inclusion of my art in the publication of the book-catalogue ‘A NEW VISION OF PRINTMAKING’. It is a collaboration between Taipei National University of the Arts, University of the Arts London and Complutense University of Madrid. Publication in 3 languages published by Kuandu Museum of Fine Art Taipei in October 2017. The Curators are Prof. Chris Wainwright and Prof. Chu The-I - Director, Kuandu Museum of Fine Art.

I have participated in many exhibitions across the world. All of them are listed in the Bio section, accessible from the left side of my website home page, where you can find links to published interviews as well. By clicking on every image in the gallery section, you can see more photos of my art and art projects, collaborations with other artists and scientists, commissions and exhibitions.
Thank you very much for the attention and the interest in my art.