'Brain and Mental Health' exhibition at UCL

'Grey Matter'

'Grey Matter'
Original Digital Print
Valeriya N-Georg
Mental Health as a level of psychological well-being is inseparable part of my research. Maintaining good mental health is crucial to living a long and healthy life. Now day’s lots of people suffer from depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and so on. The ability to enjoy life and he flexibility to deal with life's inevitable challenges is really important in the process of achieving the so desirable happiness.
The Brain plays a central role in Mental Health. Mental illness is a condition that negatively affects human’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. My artwork ‘Grey Matters’ is inspired from the imbalances in brains chemicals which causing abnormalities in the communication among the neurones. It is a monotype layered gel print, which is scanned and manipulated digitally to create digital print specially made for the ‘Brain & Mental Health’ NeuroArt exhibition during Mental Health Brain Awareness Week and Auction at UCL to support this wonderful cause which will help raise awareness about the importance of mental health and raise funds for charity SANE!.
EVENING VIEWING is on 15th May at 7:00pm - donations at the door for SANE and there will be drinks!

Map to the venue:

Finally, the award ceremony and auctions will be on 16th May at 6:00 pm. Please join the Award Ceremony event here:

All artwork will be auctioned and the proceeds will be donated to the mental health charity SANE.