The Vagus Nerve Official Art Project

Performance Art SOLO Project
The Vagus Nerve Art Project
(Leo Light Tarot)
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Video recordings of Valeriya N-Georg’s Performance Art
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The Vagus Nerve Art Project was in Bulgarian language until the end of 2021
From January 2022 the performance art videos are in English.

While enjoying my artistic performance, please keep in mind that I am not an astrologer, nor a numerologist, or a tarot card specialist, or whatever comes to your mind, different from An Artist.

I am an artist with a great imagination, who is curious about all these phenomena, and use it in my artistic performances in combination with poetry and song lyrics from different musical groups and singers, from different musical trends, who have created over the decades.

Sometimes I play the radio while recording, sometimes certain singers that I like, and sometimes some that I don't like, but I use it to make my performance more interesting.

The audience doesn't hear the music and the lyrics that I hear in my headphones. While recording my artistic performance, I only use specific phrases or words from the song playing in my headphones.

So please don't message me regarding the accuracy of astrological or numerological phenomena, or relative tarot card readings, just enjoy the artistic performance.

All tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. Valeriya N-Georg/The Vagus Nerve Art Project or Leo Light Tarot Art Project should not be used to replace the advice of doctors, lawyers or other professionals. Everyone is responsible for their own life choices and decisions, or any action taken after communication with the artist, public or private, verbal or written, or by watching any videos.

How you, the audience assimilate The Vagus Nerve Art Project - Scheherazade’s Story-Tales in your minds is your own projection, and your perception is according to your own life.

Thank you very much for your support, attention and interest in my art!