'EmBodied' SciArt Center exhibition New York

In 2016 I've been selected for 'EmBodied' exhibition organised by SciArt Center New York. The exhibition was held at Sideshow Gallery in Williamsburg, New York at the beginning of March 2017 featuring 15 International Science Inspired Artists: Amanda Agricola, China Blue, Julia Buntaine, Kindra Crick, Steven Gawoski, Bojana Ginn, Ellen Hanauer, Gunes-Helene Isitan, Marie Munk, Valeriya N-Georg, Jasmine Pradissitto, Jody Rasch, Cheryl Safren, Steve Smart, and Elaine Whittaker I would like to say thanks to the SciArt Center with Director Julia Buntaine (in the middle on the photo) for organising this amazing exhibition! Also thanks a lot to the curator Marnie Benney (first on the left of the photo) for selecting my work! It was lovely to exhibit with and meet so many wonderful artists. I had such a great time! You can see more photos from the exhibition in the section Gallery/photos from exhibitions on my website.